Consumer Applications

Use ALL MIGHTY GREEN on any surface that may come into contact
with bacteria, fungus and viruses.


ALL MIGHTY GREEN tackles hard-to-clean scum, lime and hard-water stains head-on. This leaves your tile, linoleum, grout, natural stone and porcelain surfaces shining like new! You can feel confident your surfaces are being maintained properly by using AMG.


More than ever, there is demand for a product that can safely clean mold. ALL MIGHTY GREEN effectively cleans mold while remaining non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It will provide you peace of mind and the gratification that you are doing the best for your family and the environment.


ALL MIGHTY GREEN can safely eliminate odors from Refrigerated Cases, Drainage Systems, Garbage Disposals and Bilge Pumps without jeopardizing the environment! Due to its unique formulation, AMG works equally well in fresh or salt water. You have probably tried many other products to help remove tough pet odors from your home. It even cleans odors from skunk spray! Give All Mighty Green a try, you will be amazed with the results!


ALL MIGHTY GREEN is a powerful degreaser for Engines, BBQ Grills, Vehicle Wheels, Rims & Parts, Ventilation Fans, Ovens & Oven Hoods, Carpets, Cement Driveways, Garage Floors, Indoor/Outdoor Flooring, etc.


ALL MIGHTY GREEN is gentle enough to use as an everyday hand cleaner. Simply pour the cleaner into your favorite liquid soap dispenser. In addition, AMG has the same properties as many other expensive cleaners.


ALL MIGHTY GREEN can be used to treat tough carpet stains. Use it immediately to treat new carpet spots or as an additive to your regular steam cleaning regime. It is safe for use on synthetic, water-washable wool, and stain resistant carpets.