Industrial Applications

All Mighty Green manufactures products will tackle anything from heavy/caked on grease to windows, chrome, and mirrors. Below are All Mighty Green’s cleaning and degreasing capacities:


AMG-HD Plus and AMG-HD removes oil and heavy grease from equipment, tools, parts, bushings, to name a few applications.  Great for oil spill remediation. Works on/in engine rooms, engine degreasing, turbines, generators, tools, brakes, axels, tanks, boilers, maintenance rooms. Forklifts (degreasing parts and cleaning battery posts and cables). It is great on all crane equipment, outriggers, booms, platforms, chains, hooks, axels, and replaces any brake cleaning (aerosol) products.

All Purpose Cleaner

All Mighty Green Heavy-Duty PLUS will tackle all heavy degreasing applications on a heavy-duty crane, luffing jib, SHL crane boom, and any other type of crane.  AMG-HD Plus will degrease all the integrate parts of the crane including cables, cable connectors, motors, trolleys, etc.  All of this is done with ease and AMG-HD Plus will not leave a residue, it will not etch the paint or metals, and it will not corrode or damage electrical components.  AMG-HD (Heavy-Duty) and AMG-GP (General Purpose) can be used to tackle grease and grime in the cabin area.


AMG-SC (Super Concentrate) and AMG-HD Plus work effectively on oil spills.  AMG-SC or AMG-HD Plus can be used with the combination of clay or “kitty litter” absorbents to effectively eliminate oil spills.  AMG-SC and AMG-HD Plus can be used in conjunction with a pressure washer to eliminate oil stains on asphalt or concrete.


AMG-GP has an array of general purpose and janitorial applications.  AMG-GP will outperform all types of floors, counter tops, corridors, public areas including lobby, dining rooms, patio areas, bathrooms, sinks (any type), urinals, locker rooms, kitchen, replaces all-purpose cleaner’s applications. Great on aluminum and metal rims and wheels, tire cleaning, works great as a waterless wash with trucks and fleet vehicles.  GP will not damage or dull paint, use it bumper to bumper on any vehicle including carpet cleaning.


AMG-Bus wash is a concentrated equipment and vehicle wash that will tackle grease, dirt, and grime without dulling the paint, cracking tires, damaging aluminum or steel wheels, all while leaving a restored shine to both the paint and wheels. It will not clog drains.